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Programs: Bone Builders

October 2012 News:

WalMart grants $50,000 to the Fairbanks Community Food Bank to support their Bone Builders program!  THANK YOU!  Read more


Without a summer school lunch program, many kids could go hungry. Since the summer of 2002 the Food Bank has collected used backpacks and filled each one with about 5 pounds of kid-friendly snacks - juice, fruit and granola bars.

Kids pick up backpacks at the Food Bank and Joel's Place, a faith-based youth center. Together Joel's Place and the Food Bank were able to give backpacks to around 150 children each summer.

Unfortunately the Tanana Valley region's childrens' need for a supplemental summer food program has not diminished.

Join the Bone Builders program

To sign up for a Bone Builders backpack, download and fill out the Bone Builders backpack sign up form and call Joel's Place at 907-452-2621 to make arrangements. The completed application can also be dropped off at:

  • Joel's Place 
    1890 Marika Rd. 
  • Fairbanks Community Food Bank
    725 26th Ave

Bone Builders in the News

Filling a need by filling a backpack June 18, 2002

No one should have to go hungry, but certainly not children who are forced to try to learn and grow –– or just enjoy summer –– on an empty stomach.

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Snack-filled packs ready for needy kids June 17, 2002

A novel weapon in the war on hunger is being used in Fairbanks this summer –– backpacks. The Fairbanks Community Food Bank has teamed up with Joel's Place, a faith-based youth center, to distribute backpacks containing snacks to young people in need.

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