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Food Bank Donor Spotlight

The work of the Food Bank would not be possible without the support of generous donors who award grants and donate the funds that we need to operate our food relief programs and help others. The donor spotlight section of this site recognizes major Food Bank donors and describes how their gifts are put to work.

BP (British Petroleum)

BP applauds the Fairbanks Community Food Bank, both for the important work it does in feeding people and for the efficient and effective way it carries out this mission. We are pleased to support organizations in Fairbanks and throughout Alaska that, like the Food Bank, demonstrate vision, leadership and collaboration as they fulfill critical needs in their communities.

During 2003, BP spent $5.4 million in support of community organizations and programs. Our focus was on education, with an emphasis on math, science, engineering and economic literacy; programs demonstrating environmental leadership, and initiatives aimed at growing the capacity of Alaska's nonprofit sector. Our employees personally donated hundreds of thousands of additional dollars and countless hours of volunteer effort.

We are proud to play a role in helping to ensure the health and sustainability of Alaska's communities.

Thank You BP!

Thank You BP!

The Food Bank thanks BP (British Petroleum) for their generous support.

Conoco Phillips

Conoco Phillips sponsors the monthly Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP, USDA Commodities program) which assists families who meet USDA federal poverty guidelines. This is a joint project with American Red Cross, Salvation Army and Alaska Cooperative Extension Service. Through the TEFAP we serve over 400 households each month with USDA Commodities.

Thank You Conoco!

Thank You Conoco!

The Food Bank thanks Conoco Phillips for their generous support.