The Empty Bowls Story:

There is a story about a man who left this earth and was taken on a tour of the inner realms.  He was shown a room where there was a large group of hungry people trying to eat dinner, but because the spoons they were trying to eat with were longer than their arms, they remained frustrated.  “This,” his guide told him, “is hell.”

“That’s terrible!” exclaimed the man; please show me heaven.!”

“Very well,” agreed the guide, and on they went.  When they opened Heaven’s door, the man was perplexed to see what looked very much like the same scene: there was a group of people with spoons longer than their arms.  As he looked more closely, however, he saw happy faces and full tummies, for there was one important difference: the people in heaven had learned to feed each other.


This is a national project which was adopted in Alaska by a local group of potters.  The purpose of the project is to raise money for feeding hungry people, to increase awareness of the hunger problem, and to enhance art education.

Local potters have made empty ceramic bowls which will be given to guests at the April 9, 2011  event in exchange for a donation of money.  The guests will be asked to keep the bowls of their choice as a reminder that someone’s bowl is always empty and that on this one occasion they have helped to alleviate hunger in Interior Alaska.  All proceeds remain in this community.

As Dr. Wood said in an article about EMPTY BOWLS, May 27, 1992, “Government subsidy?  No, just Fairbanks homefolk.  Good neighbors together, and proud of it.”


All proceeds go directly to the Fairbanks Community Food Bank.

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