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Thanksgiving Food Information 2013

Thanksgiving Food Boxes will be available the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (November 27th) at the following locations:


First Presbyterian Church, 547 7th Ave  452-2406

From 10am -4 pm


Lord of Life Lutheran, 1005 St. Nicholas Dr.  488-6720

From 12pm - 2:30pm

We do not guarantee a turkey in every pot.  We guarantee that no one in the Tanana Valley should be hungry on Thanksgiving, and each of us can solve this problem by sharing what we have.  THANKSGIVING is about SHARING, and in the Tanana Valley we are good at doing that and caring for one another!

Salvation Army Boxes

You can sign up for a box through Salvation Army instead of going to one of the above locations but you must sign up in advance.  Salvation Army is accepting orders from November 11th - November 22nd (hours of operation are M-F from 10am-2pm) and they are only accepting 250 orders.  Please contact them at 452-3103.  They are only signing up households with 2 or more people in them.



We will be updating this list as we know it.  Below are the locations you can get a hot meal ON THANKSGIVING DAY.

Rescue Mission - Chapel is from 12pm-1pm, Dinner served from 1pm-4pm

Immaculate Conception - 11am-2pm