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Food Bank Donor Spotlight

The work of the Food Bank would not be possible without the support of generous donors who award grants and donate the funds that we need to operate our food relief programs and help others. The donor spotlight section of this site recognizes major Food Bank donors and describes how their gifts are put to work.


Fairbanks Community Food Bank has had a 35 year long relationship with Alyeska. Alyeska was 40 years old in 2017, so they came to our community before the Fairbanks Community Food Bank, but they were one of our first sponsors when the local idea was that we have local surplus food and we need a way to salvage that food and give it to local people who need it during the recession of 1982. They have always been the “go-to” sponsor for events such as building a new Fair booth, helping with the construction clean-up after the food bank warehouse was completed in 1998, and sponsoring the canned food drive at the Tanana Valley State Fair. Most recently, they have given us an annual MATCHING fund drive event in November so that we can double the donations of those who choose to donate during that time of the year. The Fairbanks Community Food Bank is very thankful for the great partnership we have had all these years, and we will always remember the amazing canned food drive (tons of food wrapped in a HUGE box and tied with a HUGE red ribbon) which was delivered to our doorstep on Christmas Eve (organized each year by George Berry) and the bake sales which Alyeska staff organized as a fundraiser for United Way, and the time George Berry and Lynda Sather chose to find some employee donations to purchase potatoes for the food box program. That year we had the fun of naming Alyeska’s President, Thomas Barrett, as our very own Mr. Potato Head. Good times in our Alaska history, and good times ahead as we work our way out of this recession, too.

Alyeska Pipeline is proud of its Alaskan roots and its iconic role in the state’s past, present and future. The company honors its special relationship to the state by supporting communities in the pipeline corridor and throughout Alaska. Alyeska maintains a robust philanthropy program, offers internships and donates to scholarships, stages an annual United Way campaign, and encourages employee involvement and volunteerism. Focus areas include underserved populations, youth, diversity, safety, health and social services, the environment, and workforce development.

Alyeska's Philosophy

Alyeska supports organizations that fuel healthy, vibrant communities and that our employees engage in and value.

Alyeska's Focus

Alyeska operates in communities with unique characteristics,needs and priorities.

Alyeska's Priorities

Alyeska Preference to Alaska-based, homegrown corporations or local programming and events by nonprofits to directly benefit Alyeska employees’ communities.

BP (British Petroleum)

BP applauds the Fairbanks Community Food Bank, both for the important work it does in feeding people and for the efficient and effective way it carries out this mission. We are pleased to support organizations in Fairbanks and throughout Alaska that, like the Food Bank, demonstrate vision, leadership and collaboration as they fulfill critical needs in their communities.

During 2003, BP spent $5.4 million in support of community organizations and programs. Our focus was on education, with an emphasis on math, science, engineering and economic literacy; programs demonstrating environmental leadership, and initiatives aimed at growing the capacity of Alaska’s nonprofit sector. Our employees personally donated hundreds of thousands of additional dollars and countless hours of volunteer effort.
We are proud to play a role in helping to ensure the health and sustainability of Alaska’s communities.

Conoco Phillips

Conoco Phillips sponsors the monthly Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP, USDA Commodities program) which assists families who meet USDA federal poverty guidelines. This is a joint project with The Salvation Army and Alaska Cooperative Extension Service. Through the TEFAP we serve over 400 households each month with USDA Commodities.

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