Without a summer school lunch program, many kids could go hungry. Since the summer of 2002 the Food Bank has collected used backpacks and filled each one with about 5 pounds of kid-friendly snacks - juice, fruit and granola bars.  Unfortunately the Tanana Valley region's childrens' need for a supplemental summer food program has not diminished.         

Join the Bone Builders program                                                                                                                                   

To sign up for a Bone Builders backpack, please call us at 907-457-4273 for list of locations participating. 


The Learning Center helping pack Bone Builders bags.
October 2012 News:

WalMart grants $50,000 to the Fairbanks Community Food Bank to support their Bone Builders program!  THANK YOU!  Read more



May No Child Go Hungry

This is a competition between our local TV stations, created to make a difference in our community by supporting the Fairbanks Community Food Bank! There are 3 teams...Team FOX 7 partnered with The Hawk Shop, Team KTVF 11 partnered with Outpost Alaska, and Team CBS 13 partnered with Ken Murray Insurrance. 

2017 Media Food Drive

Click above to see the results from the 2017 May No Child Go Hungry Food Drive

May 2016

This was such a great success with helping us get food we needed for this program! Along with the Letter Carriers Event, we brought in so much food and money, thanks to TVTV and their competition. Part of the competition was that the loser and winner of CBS 13's very own game, had to kiss a pig! You can watch that LIVE video clip here


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