Food Box Recipient Jennifer Oden
Jennifer Oden
One of our warehouse workers

Back at the turn from 2004 to 2005 my husband was out of work. Our finances were such a mess our vehicle was repossessed by the bank and we were forced to move into a dry cabin. We were living on $700 a month (our rent was $735).

Our church signed us up for food boxes. At that point I had no idea there was such a thing. At one of the lowest points in my whole life there was a ray of sunshine. I had wholesome, abundant food to count on every Thursday for 12 whole weeks! Even more, it was like God Himself was allowing us to have some of our very favorite treats tucked away in those wonderful boxes. School snacks, exotic fruits, fresh veggies - none of which we could have ever afforded even when my husband was working.

One day there was a flyer in my food boxes about UAF Cooperative Nutrition classes. I called the number and would you believe a lady came to my house once a week and gave me and my kids private lessons on how to eat well and how to cook. She would come on Thursday right after I picked up my food boxes and help me get dinner started.

My daughter named her "The Cookin Lady." Her name is actually Marsha. If it hadn't been for The Cookin Lady there would have been some veggies I would have had no idea what to do with!