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About The Fairbanks Community Food Bank

Founded in 1982, the Fairbanks Community Food Bank collects and redistributes donated food to individuals and agencies. Food donations are received from the local community and about 100 commercial vendors. Food is distributed through many programs including Food Boxes, Bone Builders, and Agency Shopping.

The Fairbanks Community makes a difference in the lives of neighbors by sharing resources. The people of Fairbanks truly live the lessons taught by the Stone Soup Legend –– Fairbanks Style. The vision of the Fairbanks Community Food Bank is:

  • To have no one in the Tanana Valley die of starvation
  • To have no child in the Tanana Valley go hungry
  • To provide food assistance to everyone who meets federal poverty guidelines, if it is requested

This section of the Food Bank site is designed to describe the Food Bank as an organization and includes information on the following topics:

Our Mission

The primary purpose of the Fairbanks Community Food Bank Service, Inc. is to provide food for hungry people and to distribute surplus food that would ordinarily be discarded. All locally collected food is to be distributed without charge.


The Food Bank may provide emergency food to individuals and families in critical need, usually a three or four day supply. In case of disasters of magnitude the Food Bank will offer every assistance possible.

The Food Bank may serve as a clearing house for edible yet unmarketable food and distribute it to organizations.

The Food Bank may assist other organizations in their efforts to teach sharing, volunteerism, recycling, wise storage, good nutrition, balanced diets, simple recipes, as well as the devastating results of hunger.

The Food Bank, upon recommendation of its Board, may establish any other programs which amplify the primary purpose as set out above.


Food Bank History

A brief history of the Food Bank.

Food Bank Board Members

A listing of current board members.

Food Bank Staff

A listing of current staff members and their positions.

Contact Information

Specific contact information, including location, hours of operation, and how to contact Food Bank personnel.