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YES:   To credit your group with your donation to the Food Bank please select your Food Drive below. 

-             CHURCHES CAN Challenge 

-             Fairbanks Alaska Railroad 

-         National Association of Letter Carriers, Branch 4491

-             Alpha Delta Kappa 

-             2020 Law Enforcement Food Drive

Instructions for use:

Click and hold on an item in our virtual food drive and drag it across the check out scanner and watch your donation add up.  When you are finished "purchasing" items, check out with our secure checkout and we will take care of the rest!

*If you would like to designate your funds for a specific item purchase, please send an email to Anne Weaver at after you make your "purchase" and tell her what you would like her to do with your funds. 

 Thank you for your gift!



            Seekins Food Lincoln Peanut Butter Drive

            FNSB Employees CARE about their Community

             Fairbanks Sewer and Water

             2019 Law Enforcement Food Drive 

             2017 Media Food Drive : May No Child Go Hungry  

             2018 Media Food Drive:  May No Child Go Hungry

             2019 Media Food Drive: May No Child Go Hungry

             2020 Media Food Drive: May No Child Go Hungry

             Randy Smith vs. Tanana Middle School 2017 Peanut Butter Drive 


             Midnight Sun Martial Arts Academy

             2017 University of Alaska Fairbanks (Bone Builders) 

             2018 Univeristy of Alaska Fairbanks (Bone Builders)

             Birchwood Homes

             Arctic Gamers 2017/2018

             Golden Heart Tattoo 

             Fairbanks Lutheran Church (Bone Builders)