April 2nd, 11am - 2pm

Come purchase locally made pottery bowls

All proceeds benefit the Fairbanks Community Food Bank. 

Silent Auction 11:00am to 1:00pm.

725 26th Ave, in the Fairbanks Community Food Bank warehouse.

The Empty Bowls Story:

In 1990, a high school art teacher in Michigan and his students wanted to help with a local food drive.  They made bowls, cooked a meal and invited people to come eat.  People got to keep the bowl they used and each of them donated $10 to the local food bank.  The bowl in their cupboard reminded them there are people who are hungry and it is possible to help. 

In 1991 Fairbanks had our first Empty Bowl's event when the fourth grade kids at Pearl Creek Elementary made bowls and sold them at their school's Spring bazaar.  Kids changing the world.  Love it! 

As Dr. Wood said in an article about EMPTY BOWLS, May 27, 1992, “Government subsidy?  No, just Fairbanks homefolk.  Good neighbors together, and proud of it.”

All proceeds go directly to the Fairbanks Community Food Bank.