If You Want to Control Which Cookies You Accept:

You can order your browser to accept all cookies or to alert you every time a cookie is offered. Then you can decide whether to accept one or not. This page includes generalized information on how to disable cookies for the browsers listed below. If your browser is not listed below, or the instructions below do not work for your particular platform and browser combination, please consult your bowser help documentation for more specific information.

  • Internet Explorer v.6.0
  • Internet Explorer v.5.0
  • Internet Explorer v.4.0
  • Netscape Navigator v.7.0
  • Netscape Communicator v.4.0
  • Safari v.1.0

If you're using Internet Explorer 6.0:

  1. Choose Tools, then
  2. Internet Options.
  3. Click the Privacy tab,
  4. Default setting is medium. Move the slider to determine which setting you prefer.
  5. You can also click on Advanced for specialized cookie treatment.

If you're using Internet Explorer 5.0:

  1. Choose Tools , then
  2. Internet Options .
  3. Click the Security tab,
  4. Click Internet , then Custom Level .
  5. Scroll down to Cookies and choose one of the two options.

If you're using Internet Explorer 4.0:

  1. Choose View , then
  2. Internet Options .
  3. Click the Advanced tab,
  4. Scroll down to the yellow exclamation icon under Security and choose one of the three options to regulate your use of cookies.

In Internet Explorer 3.0, you can View ,Options ,Advanced and click on the button that says Warn Before Accepting "Cookies."

If you're using Netscape Navigator 7.0:

The default setting is "Enable all cookies".

To change your Cookies preferences:

  1. Open the Edit menu and choose Preferences.
  2. Under the Privacy & Security category, click Cookies. (If no subcategories are visible, double-click Privacy & Security to expand the list.)
  3. Set your Cookies preferences.

If you're using Netscape Communicator 4.0:

On your Task Bar, click:

  1. Edit , then
  2. Preferences , then
  3. click on Advanced .
  4. Set your options in the box labeled "Cookies" .

If you're using Safari v.1.0:

  1. Choose Preferences from the Safari menu and click Security.
  2. Select your preference:
  • Select "Never" if you don't want to store any cookies on your computer. This may prevent you from using some websites.
  • Click "Always" to accept and remember all cookies.
  • Click "Only from sites you navigate to" to prevent storing cookies that come from Web sites other than the one you have opened. Select this to prevent advertisers on the Web sites you visit from storing cookies on your computer.