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The Little Match Girl was a lovely production at DTF. Reminds us of the hard times many folks have in these cold winters!

Sam says:

What an emotional weekend.  The sadness of Friday’s school event, followed by the tension of the extreme weather, the hard work of gathering enough food in these cold temperatures for the packing of food boxes for so many people in Fairbanks (half of whom are children).   

The Sunday event in the Edna Wise Firehouse Theatre (at Dance Theatre Fairbanks - 656 7th Ave) really caused me to think back… on the stories I have heard in this food bank over the years.

Christmas means different things to different people.  There are lovely stories of cooking a goose for a family (actually one year we had geese provided by TEFAP for the families we serve), and wrapping and unwrapping beautiful gifts (this morning we already had Missy from CHET FM sharing cookies she made for food bank people). 

Those happy stories sit side by side with the stories of children in homes without heat (today at -40 degrees) because the family does not have enough money to pay for fuel oil, and fathers and mothers have lost their jobs.  That is the story told in “The Little Match Girl” production, which was also a food drive for this food bank.  Sharing and caring, and not sharing and not caring.

Thank you Mike and the wonderful DTF dancers and stage crew, for reminding us that these are HARD TIMES for many in our community.  It was a beautiful production and was obviously heart-felt for the dancers, too.  It was a gift to our community as well as a gift to this Food Bank.

Thank you!

Posted by Anne Weaver - Monday, 12/17/2012, 11:28 AM -

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