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Visit Sam's Club this weekend for a new way to help this LOCAL Food Bank

An employee at Sam’s Club called to tell ua that our local Sam’s Club has a program which encourages all their employees to be a community volunteer during the year.  The GOAL is to have at least 50 of their staff members do volunteer work in the community. 

The OUTNUMBER HUNGER project is March 12th to the 24th, BUT ESPECIALLY March 14th through 17th.  There are already about 30 Sam’s Club staff members signed up to operate a food collection bin inside their store, available all hours the store is open, with various ideas they can present to their customers of how to raise money and food for OUR local food bank, the Fairbanks Community Food Bank. 

During this project, thanks to their partner General Mills, there are ways to text to make a donation, too, and they will explain how to do that this weekend at our local Sam’s Club.  This person told me his plans were to spend his two days off work this week at the local Sam’s Club organizing and participating in this event. 

The Executive Director of the Food Bank, Samantha Kirstein, asked him WHY he would spend his two days off doing this wonderful work for our local food bank and he said that when he was much younger, he needed to do some community service work to pay off a court fine, and our food bank was a great place to work and he got his fines excused, and he appreciated the opportunity to “pay back” that beneficial experience by doing this work for us now. 

We are always encouraged and so appreciative when we hear stories like this.   


Posted by Anne Weaver - Tuesday, 03/12/2013, 05:58 PM -

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