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WOW Olivia! 161 pounds for your first birthday!

WOW Olivia! You just came in and I will let Barbara tell the story: "Here’s the picture of Olivia (who turned one yesterday - talked about on this morning's Post) and her family bringing in the 'birthday party food' that was gathered at her... celebration.
Olivia and her family
Not only did folks who were invited bring food, but other people came by just to donate. Some attendees brought money and Olivia’s mom, Kristina (who uses coupons to the max) used that money along with her coupons to shop for the food bank.

The grand total was 161 pounds of food for the community in celebration of Olivia’s 1st birthday!

While the food was being unloaded Kristina also told me that some of her friends are also planning 'food partys' and will then donate to the Fairbanks Community Food Bank."
Olivia, Kristina, and your whole family, THANK YOU!! What a beautiful family photo taken in our warehouse!

Posted by Anne Weaver - Friday, 06/14/2013, 03:05 PM -

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