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Catholic School Fairbanks makes a GREAT Thanksgiving treat!

Having 100 students cruising through the Food Bank during our busiest time of day over the course of the last three days sounds incredible and maybe even a little terrifying all at the same time....  But I (Anne) just spent the last three days giving tours to the K-2nd grade students at Catholic Schools Fairbanks AND WHAT A GREAT BUNCH OF KIDS! 

They were excited, thoughtful, and just simply wise.

My favorite quote from the 1st graders was when I asked them what a “poor” person was (because they kept using that word) and one boy said: “like the guy [in the Bible] who was under the table catching crumbs from the rich man.” In all my years of giving tours I have never had a 1st grade class tell me the story of Lazarus and the Rich Man before. Made my day!

A couple hours after that particular tour I received 30+ of these gems:

Cards made by the 1st graders

One of the other fun parts about their tours was that each kid brought at least one box of stuffing for our Thanksgiving distribution - and they helped us reach our goal for Thanksgiving!  We have NEVER been able to reach that goal early in November.  (Please keep bringing in stuffing - it WILL be used!)

stuffing boxes

The little pumpkin on top arrived as the Kindergarten tour was happening so we decided to decorate the stuffing boxes with her :). 

And a fun fact: we receive 2-5 TONS of food every day.  One part of each kiddo tour is to "weigh in" the class to see how heavy they are.  All together, their K-2nd grade students weigh 5387 pounds (OVER 2.5 tons).  WOW!  That is a LOT of kids!  And that is even MORE food!

Many thanks to the parents & teachers that made these tours such successes!  I love having kids through here learning about how their one box of stuffing helped a whole family have a better day.  What a great way to spend my week!

Thank you!

Posted by Anne Weaver - Wednesday, 11/06/2013, 11:35 AM -

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